The Company

Life Skills Centre, founded in 1995 and since 2008 under leadership of Maria Amerstorfer was the pioneer in bringing Emotional Intelligence to the corporate world in Singapore and Asia. We focus on the human dimension of leadership, corporate life and workplace interactions. Unlike machines, people have emotions. Emotions affect our thinking and behaviour in both positive and negative ways. With our programmes we aim to give people the sensitivity and skills to process and recognise their own feelings and those of others. Participants learn to better manage their emotions and develop interpersonal skills that improve their interactions and benefit their personal and professional lives.

Meet the Team

Maria Amerstorfer

Maria Amerstorfer

Maria is an executive and leadership coach, corporate trainer and facilitator. Since 1997 she has been conducting programs and providing services in the following areas: Emotional Intelligence (general and specific applications for leadership and customer service, including measuring EQ), People-Centred Management, Team-development and –management, Coaching Skills for Managers and other areas of intra- and interpersonal skills. Her work also entails facilitation services for public and private companies or their departments and teams to define their vision, mission, and values, develop implementation strategies and desired organizational cultures.

Maria was certified in the EQ-i in 2002 and is authorized to certify others in this instrument since 2007. In 2014 she completed a Diploma in Supervision and provides supervision services to internal coaches and leaders. To learn more about Maria and the services she provides, go to

Augustine Tan

Augustine Tan

Augustine Tan wholeheartedly embraces the Life Skills Centre mission of making a positive difference. He has been a consultant with Life Skills Centre since 1998 and is also a Career and Executive Coach who has personally coached professionals from various industries in Singapore. Augustine is an experienced, engaging, and motivating coach who has conducted a wide range of programmes for participants from diverse backgrounds from senior management to executives, line staff and students from highly esteemed organisations both in the private sector and public service. His forte include Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Inter-Personal Communications, Personal Effectiveness and Coaching. Augustine is EQ-i certified, and holds a Masters of Arts and BSc (Hons) from Columbia International University, USA. He is also a certified Life Skills Coach and US certified Behavioural Consultant (DISC).

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Lili Koh

Lily Koh

Lily Koh  (CSFC, AICI CIP) is a Certified Solution-Focused Coach and a Certified Image Professional, specialising in leadership presence, business etiquette and executive coaching.  She is also the founder of CharisPRO Training and Consultancy. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and as an executive coach/facilitator, she has helped many leaders strengthen their gravitas for greater impact and gain an advantage in business/career prospects. She also works with them in assessing their individual strengths and identifying performance opportunities to achieve leadership effectiveness and team goals. Lily is certified in EQi and Extended DISC.